Delhi School of Punjabi Criticism

The department of Punjabi has its international recognition with a remarkable legacy of being the nerve centre for Delhi School of Punjabi Criticism. Prof. Harbhajan Singh an eminent literary thinker and a modern Punjabi poet of international repute is being considered as the founder of this literary school of thoughts. Prof. Singh, during the 7th to 9th decade of 20th century broke the stagnation in the field of Punjabi literary criticism while introducing classical Indian and western theories, Inter-disciplinarily and comparative studies. At present, fifth generation of Punjabi scholars are contributing in this regard significantly, while keeping them up with the changing times by hosting national, international and state level seminars/conferences/symposiums/ memorial lectures on Punjabi diaspora, feminism, gender studies, subaltern (marginalized) studies etc. Besides Prof. Harbhajan Singh, Prof Tarlok Singh Kanwar, Prof. Atamjit Singh, Prof. S. S. Noor, Prof. Gurcharan Singh, Prof. Manjit Singh, Prof. Davinder Kaur (UK) and Dr.Jaspal Kaur (present HoD) have contributed a lot in the field of episteme. Now, sixth generation is fully equipped with knowledge to expand the horizons of this school of thought. Our good wishes are reserved for this new generation, which is ready to respond the challenges posed by post-situations and Globalization.